Climbing Or Swimming? 8A+/V12 – Cold Water = Great Day. ( 4K )


Climbing or swimming, or both? Todays episode has everything, hard climbing, falls, vloggy content and cold water.

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Wow, such a nice lake. Back when I was a kid my parents went with me to Sweden for two weeks. It was so nice there. The nature <3. Have to go there some day again. Greetings from Germany. 🙂

corey james

Will sportiva ever make a shoe that doesn’t deform my big toe?
Look at the straps on the evolv agro


Awesome video as always! Its pretty satisfying to see that even Emil and Nikken have to work at problems, like the rest of us mere mortals.

On a merchandising note, Emil’s black shirt in this video has excellent fit (no excess fabric = nice and clean look), and is a nice shade of black.

Martin Hedberg

Would love some more variety content. The bouldering is always fun but it would be cool to see you guys outside your environment!

David Eladio

Awesome, any time u come to Spain I expect you to visit the best climbing gym: Sputnik climbing center. Soooooooooooo worth it!


Great video! Loved this style and swimming portion! Seems like a fun time! I just dislocated my elbow, got loose ligaments and slight fracture in my forearm from a bad fall while climbing. These videos help a lot! Thank you


hmm.. i really love your videos, but i think i‘ll stop watching them =/
i started climbing in october.. and have been injured ever since.. i think, that your vids get me too stoked about climbing..=/
i honestly don‘t know how everyone else stays healthy even tho they climb twice as much as i do..
it‘s actually kind of depressing, so i‘ll just take a break from your vids, and watch everything i‘ve missed, once i hopefully recover and maybe even finally improve my climbing a little..


can anyone see the response by belex? Because I sure can’t, even tho I got a notification of him saying something like “sports climbing twice a week, bouldering once, is something a 9a climber recommended”? can’t read the rest of the response because the comment won’t show here..


UkSapyy i can climb enough that my fingertips are bleeding little blood drops. But when i do, i definitely did overdo it. I have the energy, and strength, to climb a lot, but i noticed that i injure myself, if i do.
for example, i do one arm pull ups, front levers, muscle ups with ease, but when i do, my arm starts to hurt. (and gets worse if i don‘t stop and rest for a few weeks)
Adding more stress probably will not help.. because the stress my muscles add, may already be too strong(?)


Fritz Box yeah, i was thinking exactly that.. maybe i‘ll try sports climbing instead of bouldering, at least for a while..


First time climbing i tried a wild Dyno and sprained my ankle. Once you’re body gets use to it you can climb enough that in a week that you have no skin left on your fingers and that’s why you rest. No one else would recommend this but relevant weight training slow is good resistant training and should prevent injury when put under the same load when climbing. It takes time for finger and tendons to strengthen but raw strength speeds things up.

Fritz Box

+SnowmansApartment Happened to me as well in the beginning, with a similar background. You are probably too strong musclewise for your tendons and ligaments, which are not so much taxed in strength-sports in comparison to climbing. Make an effort to prep those tendons, good luck!


Actually really liked that kind of vlog/video, it’s a nice change from time to time 🙂 keep it up!


Oh damn right now its 1,420 views with 142 likes and 0 dislikes how tf….. unfortunately i have to make it 143 though

Eric Karlsson Bouldering

haha fucking classic, looked at that multiple times. Me: “It’s correct this time, boom.” And I still fail. oh well ^_^


Eric, that was the weakest “this is sparta” I’ve ever heard! It was supposed to be like… *”THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!”*
You’ll have King Leonidas rolling over in his grave! ???? ✌-out-bye

Jay Persson

It’s almost 12 am , was “just” at a climbing event in KC Uppsala and now this! I feel blessed. My kind of Friday


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